MIEUX+ has supported several governments and regional organisations in Eastern and Southern Africa to push forward agendas for stronger national and regional migration management systems.

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  • In partnership with the COMESA Secretariat, MIEUX+ developed training curriculum and materials related to the movement of persons, goods and services in times of health crises.

  • In Mauritius, MIEUX+ supported the Prime Minister Office in strengthening the capacities of public officials to identify and refer victims of trafficking in human beings, as well as to investigate and prosecute cases, through enhanced coordination among the various stakeholders involved.

  • The MIEUX+ team is partnering with the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control to bolster their knowledge in managing and analysing migration data through a tailored training session as part of the Uganda III Action. 
  • The MIEUX+ team worked with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Public Security to enact adequate legislation that answers the current immigration and migration challenges in Malawi.

  • In Madagascar, MIEUX+ worked with the Diaspora Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make effective the right to vote of Malagasy living abroad during the elections, as well as their participation in national debates and consultations.

  • In Uganda, MIEUX+ partnered with the Municipal Council of Nebbi, Yumbe Town Council and the NGO Urgan Afrikanischer Traum to strengthen its capacities to mainstream migration into local urban planning in a coordinated and effective manner.

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