Management of labour migration flows, protection of nationals abroad and prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings have been among the key topics of requests for projects in the region since 2009. 

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Currently, MIEUX+ is implementing various projects in the region on a wide range of topics including integration and labour migration.

⇒ In Kazakhstan, MIEUX+ is supporting government and civil society organisations in designing effective information campaigns for the protection of the rights of migrant families with children.

⇒ In Kyrgyzstan, MIEUX+ is helping the government to strengthen its capacities on labour migration and the protection of migrant workers' rights.

⇒ In Tajikistan, MIEUX+ is working with government representatives as well as civil society actors in effectively coordinating with private employment agencies (PEAs) on migrants' rights and ethical recruitment.

PROJECTS 2009 - 2020

⇒In Bhutan, Cambodia, and Malaysia MIEUX+ worked with authorities to increase cross-border, regional and international cooperation for effective border management.

⇒In Myanmar and Thailand, MIEUX+ worked with government institutions to develop operational tools such as brochures and handbooks on labour migration and trafficking.

⇒In Tajikistan, MIEUX+supported  the Government in developing a roadmap on the management of external labour migration and trained government officials on detection and identification of trafficking in human beings and migrant smuggling.

⇒In Timor-Leste, MIEUX+ projects have contributed to strengthening the capacities of government actors to initiate trafficking investigations.

Aside from labour migration and trafficking, MIEUX+ has supported sub-regional coordination and knowledge exchange on migration and development with the Governments of Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.



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