Since 2009, the key areas of project requests in the region have revolved around the management of labor migration flows, the protection of nationals abroad, and the prevention of trafficking in human beings.

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  • In the context of the Kazakhstan II Action, MIEUX+ supported the Human Rights Commissioner of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a network of civil society organisations in designing effective information campaigns for the protection of the rights of migrant families with children.

  • MIEUX+ helped the Secretariat of the Council for Migration to strengthen its capacities on labour migration and the protection of migrant workers' rights, as part of the Kyrgyzstan IV Action.

  • MIEUX collaborated with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population to protect the rights of migrant workers against labour exploitation, as well as promote ethical recruitment and labour migration management as part of the Myanmar II Action

  • In the context of the Tajikistan III Action, MIEUX+ cooperated with the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment of Tajikistan to effectively coordinate with private employment agencies on migrants' rights and ethical recruitment.

  • Aside from labour migration and trafficking, MIEUX+ co-organised sub-regional coordination and knowledge exchange sessions on migration and development with the Governments of Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.


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