Composed of 16 countries with very diverse characteristics, the Neighbourhood shares a close relationship with the EU, as expressed through the EU Neighbourhood Policy.

MIEUX+ projects in this region have focused mainly on communications campaigns, data management, irregular migration, and labour migration policies.

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  •  MIEUX+ partnered with the State Migration Service to develop a tailor-made course on migrant integration for public officials as part of the Azerbaijan IV Action.

  • In the context of the Action Moldova VI, MIEUX+ worked with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and experts in the development of a practical handbook and training course on the monitoring and evaluation in the application of integrated border management principles in the country.

  • The MIEUX+ team and the Greater Irbid Municipality created a roadmap for sustainable inclusion of refugees, to improve service delivery, catalyse employment opportunities and provide avenues for social, cultural and political integration, against the backdrop of the Jordan III Action

  • For the Action Azerbaijan V, the MIEUX+ team worked with the Ministry of Internal Affairs to support their efforts in combatting trafficking in human beings through 

  • In the context of the Belarus III Action, MIEUX+ supported the Government in analysing the experience of EU MS to determine the relevance and the feasibility of joining international conventions on migrant workers.

  • The MIEUX+ team partnered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its diplomatic representations to strengthen the capacities and knowledge of consular staff and diplomats on crisis management and update relevant policies, in the framework of the Georgia III Action

  • MIEUX+ supported the Bureau for Diaspora Relations in the evaluation of their National Strategy Diaspora 2025 and in the drafting of the new Action Plan 2023-2025, as part of the Moldova VII Action.

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