Composed of 16 countries with very diverse characteristics, the Neighbourhood shares a close relationship with the EU, as expressed through the EU Neighbourhood Policy. MIEUX+ projects in this region have focused mainly on public relations, data management, irregular migration, and trafficking and labour migration policies.

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Currently, MIEUX+ is working on various projects in the region on a diversity of topics including integration, diaspora affairs and consular protection. More projects are in the pipeline. Read more about the ongoing ones:

⇒ In Moldova, MIEUX+ is working with experts and the partner in the development of a practical handbook and training course on the monitoring and evaluation in the application of integrated border management (IBM) principles in the country.

⇒ In Georgia, MIEUX+ is working with partners and experts to strengthen the capacities and knowledge of consular staff and diplomats on crisis management and update relevant policies and capacity development material.

⇒ In Ukraine, MIEUX+ is working on a project aiming at developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as well as recommendations for the development of materials on integration of refugees and persons with subsidiary protection.

PROJECTS 2009 - 2020

⇒ In Belarus, MIEUX+ supported the Government in analysing the experience of EU MS to determine the relevance and the feasibility of joining international conventions on migrant workers.

⇒ In Jordan, local shelters were supported by creating guiding principles and common standards for operations and services of staff working with Victims of Trafficking.


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