Legal Migration and Mobility Legal Migration and Mobility
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Specific area: LM - Integration issues

Duration: September 2021 - Ongoing

International migrants represent a small but important part of Azerbaijan’s population and workforce. After years characterised by high levels of emigration, the country now experiences annual net-positive migration and has become a country of destination, especially in terms of labour migration and family reunification. The challenges faced by migrants to integrate into society include difficulties in finding employment, finding affordable housing and accessing social services for foreigners and those seeking asylum. The lack of political priority given to refugees in Azerbaijan makes it particularly difficult for asylum seekers to achieve progress towards integration. Due to limited social assistance; access to healthcare; labour, social and economic rights; and few language and integration courses, refugees and persons with subsidiary protection face significant integration challenges.

It is in this context that the State Migration Service (SMS) requested MIEUX+ support to strengthen its capacities as well as relevant Azerbaijani stakeholders, to manage the integration of migrants and delivery of social services in a coordinated manner. The main objective of this Action is to support the SMS in developing a Migrant Integration Strategy and related Action Plan, in line with Azerbaijan’s international commitments and national priorities.

MIEUX+ team and experts will also work on the development of a tailor-made training course on integration for public officials that should provide information on the basics of integration dimensions according to international standards, but also provide a specific approach on putting integration into practice in Azerbaijan aligned with the new Strategy and Action Plan.