MIEUX+'s significant presence in the region since 2009 reflects the commitment of West and Central African countries, as well as regional organisations such as ECOWAS to enhance their migration governance structures and capabilities.

See our interactive map for current and past projects in Western and Central Africa.

  • The MIEUX+ team worked closely with the General Directorate for the Environment and Climate and the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Analysis to produce a background paper addressing the integration of environmentally induced migration into the country's policies and action plans, as well as a new dataset on climate mobility as part of the Benin II Action.

  • In the Cameroon II Action context, MIEUX+ collaborated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create a migration-focused training programme for Cameroonian civil servants.

  • The MIEUX+ team partnered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Diplomatic Academy to enhance the protection and assistance of Congolese citizens abroad, as part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo III Action.

  • Against the backdrop of the Ghana IV Action, the Office of the President requested MIEUX+ support to draft the Diaspora Engagement Policy. This collaboration also facilitated discussions with the Ghanaian diaspora in Europe and the sharing of good practices and experiences with other nations.

  • The Liberian Bureau of European Affairs within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested MIEUX+ technical assistance to tackle trafficking in human beings through awareness-raising campaigns and inter-institutional collaboration in the country, as part of the Liberia I Action. 

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