MIEUX+’s strong presence in the region since 2009 testifies to the willingness of West African countries and ECOWAS to strengthen their migration governance frameworks and capacities. 

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Currently, MIEUX+ is working on a variety of projects in diverse areas:

⇒ In Cameroon, MIEUX+ is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cameroonian Institute for International Relations (IRIC) to develop a training course on migration.

⇒ In the DRC, MIEUX+ is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in strengthen the partner's efforts to protect its citizens abroad with a more efficient framework.

PROJECTS 2009 - 2020

⇒ In Cabo Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ghana policy development has been a key area of work, with support to national-level migration policies, sectoral policies and strategies on irregular migration, labour migration, migration and development or local-level integration.

⇒ In Benin, Togo and Sierra Leone, among others, MIEUX+ has supported the establishment of inter-institutional committees, task forces or working groups to enhance inter-institutional coordination.


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