MIEUX+ launches three new Actions

National authorities in Latin America and the Caribbean, West Africa and the European Southern Neighborhood submitted three additional requests for support last year.

After a careful review and liaison with the Directorate General for International Partnerships, EU Delegations and the interested stakeholders the team received the greenlight to work with these partners.

The new Actions in Colombia, Jordan, and Liberia will cover topics related to regular migration, migration and development, and Trafficking in Human Beings. Each of those projects has a particular feature that makes it unique for this phase.


Latin America and the Caribbean: Interculturality in Medellin, Colombia

This is the first time the team is in touch with the local authorities of Medellin’s Municipality on regular migration and mobility matters, focusing on migrants’ integration. The Secretariat at the Mayor’s Office asked for MIEUX+ support in developing an intercultural approach to be included in its Strategic Plan for migrant’s integration and inclusion in the city.

Our team of experts and partners will draft recommendations on mainstreaming the intercultural approach in the Strategic Plan of the Migration Management Policy, design a training curriculum on interculturality and organise a workshop on the same topic.

The last time the initiative supported Colombian authorities dates back to 2010, when the team worked with the Administrative Department of Security of Colombia and its Sub-Directorate for Migration Affairs to deliver a training curriculum on document security and trafficking in human beings and smuggling of persons.

The EU Neighbourhood: Irbid, Jordan and inclusion of refugees

While we had already collaborated with Jordanian authorities on data management and countering Trafficking on Human Beings, the new Jordan III Action pivots around integration issues.

Our team and Irbid Municipality will create a roadmap for sustainable inclusion of refugees and concrete actions that will help to improve service delivery, catalyse employment opportunities for refugees and provide avenues for social, cultural and political integration.
The municipality recognises the need to shift from solely relying on emergency response to implementing capacity development policies.

West Africa: Communication against Trafficking in Liberia

In 2011 the team worked with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), whose Liberia is a member, in the context of our namesake Action ECOWAS.

This time the Bureau of European Affairs, within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, requested MIEUX+ technical assistance. This represents our first direct partnership  with Liberian authorities and together we will work towards an improved Trafficking in Human Beings prevention and response system in the country.

We will bolster the capacities of governmental, NGO and academic stakeholders in producing communication campaigns to raise awareness and coordinating among institutions on fighting human trafficking, through onsite workshops, training sessions and creation of communications materials.


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