In the past 12 years, MIEUX has shared European expertise in all areas of migration by working together with a variety of actors and enhancing migration governance at various levels. MIEUX+ Experts play a critical role in EU cooperation by exchanging knowledge and helping to build skills with their peers in other countries.

Training is one of the primary methods employed in MIEUX+ capacity development Actions. Ensuring that these trainings are context-oriented requires actively bridging the gap between EU experience and local contexts from design to implementation. To help bridge the divide between expert and trainer, building on the extensive experience of MIEUX+ with mobilising experts and organising trainings, the Digital Toolkit for MIEUX+ Experts has been designed to provide support on how to deliver great trainings.

This toolkit is not an e-learning course that needs to be completed or followed in a linear fashion. It is an online tool aimed at busy professionals, who can benefit from hands-on support in a simple online format, which can be consulted as needed.