MIEUX+ has been actively engaged in the region since 2009, with project themes centering around international protection and asylum, protecting vulnerable populations, and investigating environmental migration.

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Ongoing Actions during the current project phase

  • In the South American Gran Chaco, MIEUX+ collaborates with a diverse network of partners from local and national authorities, academia, and civil society organisations, to analyse human mobility and draft policy recommendations related to environmental migration, with a focus on indigenous communities.

  • MIEUX+ is drafting recommendations on mainstreaming the interculturality in the Strategic Plan of the Migration Management Policy in partnership with Medellin's Mayor Office, for the Colombia II Action. 

  • As part of the Action Costa Rica IV, MIEUX+ is working alongside the Directorate General of Migration and Immigration to craft a protocol for aiding and safeguarding migrants in mixed migratory flows during emergencies or crisis situations.

  • Finally, MIEUX+ is cooperating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to create a course centered on EU migration policy and asylum, in the context of the El Salvador II Action. 

Here are few examples of completed Actions during the current and earlier project phases

  • As part of the Brazil III Action, MIEUX+ provided support to the Federal Public Defender's office in enhancing their expertise in interviewing techniques for unaccompanied migrant children.

  • In the framework of the Action Costa Rica V, MIEUX+ renewed its collaboration with the Directorate General of Migration and Immigration to assist in developing the National Integration Plan for the years 2023-2027.

  • MIEUX+ partnered with the National School for Migration of the Dominican Republic to enhance their public officials' understanding of migration and its intersection with mental health.

  • In the framework of the Mexico IV Action, MIEUX+ extended its efforts in implementing the Protocol of Attention to Migrants in Large Flows, building on a previous project with their National Institute for Migration.

  • With the MIRPS Action, MIEUX+ strenghtened national asylum systems of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Panama through dialogue and peer-to-peer capacity development, as well as opening the space for dialogue between EU and local and regional actors.

  • With the objective to strengthen inter-institutional and cross-border coordination, MIEUX supported the development of inter-sectoral guidelines and a targeted training manual to counter migrant smuggling through the Peru III Action.

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