MIEUX+ has been working in the region since 2009. Topics of projects have focused on international protection and asylum, protection of vulnerable groups, smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings, as well as inclusion.

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Currently, MIEUX+ is working on various projects in the region and has some in the pipeline:

⇒ In Mexico, MIEUX+ is continuing the previous project on the implementation of the Protocol of Attention to Migrants in Large Flows in Mexico.

⇒ In the Gran Chaco region, MIEUX+ is working with a large pool of partners on policy development in the area of environmental migration.

⇒ In Costa Rica, MIEUX+ is working in two different projects:

  • For Costa Rica IV, MIEUX+ is working with the Directorate General of Migration and Immigration (DGME) in the development of an protocol to assist and protect migrants in mixed migratory flows during emergencies or crisis situations.
  • For Costa Rica V, MIEUX+ has renewed its collaboration with the DGME to support them in the development of the future National Integration Plan 2023-2027.

⇒ In Dominican Republic, MIEUX+ is partnering with the National School for Migration to help them strengthen their knowledge on migration and mental health.

⇒ In El Salvador, MIEUX+ is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the development of a course on migration issues and the protection of citizens abroad.

PROJECTS 2009 - 2020

⇒ In Peru, MIEUX+ supported the authorities with improving research on Country of Origin Information to ensure evidence-based assessment of asylum and international protection claims.

⇒ In Brazil, MIEUX+ assisted the Federal Public Defender’s office with improving its knowledge on interviewing techniques for migrant children unaccompanied.

⇒ In Mexico, several projects have focused on providing a rights-based response to vulnerable migrant populations in the context of massive and mixed flows.

⇒ In Costa Rica, the Government has developed two National Integration Plans with assistance from MIEUX+.


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