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Specific area: HO - Consular Affairs, HO - Training Capacities Development

Duration: March 2022 - Ongoing

For this Action, MIEUX+ will support the Salvadoran Foreign Service in developing its capacities in the area of consular protection further. The smallest country in Central America is characterised by a long history of emigration with multiple factors, ranging from economic to climate-driven, at the root of population movements. Remittances represented 20.9% of the gross domestic product in 2019 and have not slowed down after the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

In order to carry out its consular protection mission, the MFA Directorate General of Liaison with Salvadorans Abroad had to adapt to new challenges. On the one hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way consulates receive their citizens, and has created new demands from them. On the other hand, the consular network has also had to adapt to the change in the migratory profiles, needs and routes of Salvadorans.

Given the challenges these staff are facing, the Vice-Ministry has identified the need for support, and EU expertise, in developing a new course on migration issues and the protection of citizens abroad. In addition to EU expertise, the development of the course will be based on multi-stakeholder coordination, ensuring relevance and sustainability. It will include the directorates of the Vice-Ministry, the CONMIGRANTES inter-institutional mechanism, as well as international organisations and CSOs.

The Action will produce two key deliverables:

  • Capacity and Training Needs Assessment Report
  • Training Handbook on Migration (including training curriculum, lesson plans and training materials)