Legal Migration and Mobility Legal Migration and Mobility
Completed Completed

Specific area: LM - Labour Migration

Duration: January 2016 - September 2018

Experts involved: Bulgaria, Moldova

Under the broader umbrella of the Joint Declaration on a Mobility Partnership (MP) between the EU and Belarus in October 2016, Belarus requested MIEUX’s assistance  to study the experience of EU MS in determining the role of international conventions on migrant workers, and analysing the challenges and opportunities for their ratification.

This was the first time MIEUX had worked directly with Belarus. The Action can be considered as a late follow-up from the 2012 Regional Conference on the Eastern Partners’ contribution to the Stockholm Programme, addressing synergies to improve mobility, already related to labour migration.

This MIEUX Action built bridges between the EU and most stakeholders involved in labour migration management, including key ministries, employment agencies and actors of civil society working directly with migrants on a daily basis. This working relationship will last, and exchanges of good practices will be maintained in order to continue adapting the legislation, policies and strategies to the changing needs and evolving political context on both sides.