Irregular Migration/Trafficking in Human Beings Irregular Migration/Trafficking in Human Beings
Completed Completed

Specific area: IMT - Border Management and Security, IMT - Document Security

Duration: February 2019 - December 2019

Experts involved: Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovenia


As construction is one of the growth engines of the national economy, Bhutan has strategically placed industrial plants and special economic zones along its Southern border with India. These zones give manufacturers easier access to the Indian markets and cross-border workers easier access to the area. In principle, foreign workers cannot be employed in Bhutan without a work permit, but in practice, foreign day labourers work irregularly all along with the border areas with India.

Given this situation, the Department of Immigration within the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs requested assistance from MIEUX to receive training in the areas of border management and document security. The newly-acquired knowledge would enable the department to schedule subsequent training for their staff, who lacked a specialised training curriculum in the matter, especially front-line and border officers.

Through a combination of workshops, simulations, and Training of Trainers sessions, as well as the development of a lesson plan for training on document security, MIEUX+ supported the Ministry in its endeavour to improve border management and document security.