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Duration: March 2013 - September 2018

Experts involved: Netherlands, Slovenia, Nigeria

As a landlocked country, most border movements in Malawi are through land border crossings. In recent years, land routes have become more and more risky, forcing migrants to find more perilous routes to enter the country. Moreover, during the past decade, Malawi has suffered from a growing brain drain, as emigration concerns mainly skilled personnel in search for better paid employment overseas.This context generated a rising need for the country to enact adequate legislation that answers the current immigration and migration challenges.

On the basis of a previously established cooperation The Ministry of Home Affairs and Public Security (MHAIS), through its The Immigration Department, requested technical support in developing and adopting a comprehensive migration and citizenship policy, and launching a plan of action involving all key stakeholders.

A national task force and a core group in charge of developing the national policy was formed and collaboratively with the MIEUX experts reviewed national legislation on migration and citizenship with a view to harmonising policy documents. Additional regional consultations with local administrations were conducted to refine the draft Policy and Action Plan.