2016 to 2020: a review of main achievements


New partners, new themes, same formula for MIEUX III

In 2016, with a renewed scope, MIEUX enabled requests from other actors in conjunction with national governments. Following this important change, MIEUX has supported local-level government authorities, as well as the judicial, academic and third sectors with their needs during this phase. A few examples include:

Overall, 39 new requests have been processed since 2016. Africa’s portfolio remains the largest with 15 requests, followed closely by Latin America and the Caribbean with 14 requests, whereas six originated from the Eastern and Southern EU Neighbourhood and four from Asia.

In terms of themes, many new requests focused on crosscutting issues in the areas of integration, migration and environment and protection of vulnerable migrants, adding to the variety of MIEUX´s rich portfolio in all areas of the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility (GAMM).

Overall, during this phase, the team concluded 61 Actions, split into 248 activities. Over 5000 individuals have participated in MIEUX workshops, study visits, and round-tables, representing an increase of 42% over the previous phase. 92% of participants reported that taking part in MIEUX’s activities has made a real difference to the way they do their jobs.

From requests to Actions: what has MIEUX III achieved?

Counting analytical reports, policies, capacity building manuals and handbooks, surveys, strategies and operational documents, 111 deliverables have been produced for departments, networks and institutions to guide the daily work and implement the learnings from Actions going forward.

Examples include:

Peer-to-Peer Learning: Experts in MIEUX III

At present, MIEUX’s expert roster counts just under 700 profiles, with a large increase of female experts over the last four years. Out of the 220 experts that took part in Actions between 2016 and early 2020, 54% were male while 46% were female.

The 67% of European experts that took part in activities and contributed to the Actions all over the world bear witness to the fact that MIEUX continues to provide a vehicle for international technical assistance between the EU and partner countries.

Additionally, the consolidation of a trend that started in MIEUX II took hold; 13% of experts mobilised during this phase were public officials from administrations outside of Europe and teamed up with European experts, contributing to triangular and South-South cooperation.

The remaining pool of experts came the private sector, civil society and academia.

This dedicated and professional group of migration practitioners is at the heart of every MIEUX Action; it is worth noting that 97% value MIEUX´s model of peer-to-peer learning as beneficial to their careers.

New decade, a new way of learning: the 2018 Regional Knowledge Sharing Round-tables

During this phase, MIEUX celebrated 10 years of operations with four Regional Knowledge Sharing Roundtables in 2018, where the partners discussed what impact, good practices and lasting change MIEUX instilled in their respective institutions and departments. These events enabled MIEUX to review its achievements at the regional level and gave a platform for the partners to exchange common experiences stemming from MIEUX Actions.

These discussions have contributed to reinforcing the principle of equal partnership that underpins MIEUX’s working methodology; the results have provided the foundations for a commemorative publication about MIEUX’s practices (forthcoming) and have fed into the design of MIEUX+ starting in late April 2020.

New ways to present information and knowledge

During this phase, MIEUX increased its analytical capacity by publishing several Thematic and Regional Factsheets to reflect on lessons learned and trends in the field. Annual reports complement these knowledge products by reviewing achievements whilst providing greater insights about the Actions taking place in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Eastern and Southern EU Neighbourhoods on a regular basis.

Between 2016 and 2017, MIEUX progressively launched a website, an online newsletter and established its presence on social media to better connect with its existing audiences and reach new ones around the world. A series of interviews with experts, partners and the MIEUX team provided a platform for the main actors involved in the Actions to describe their experiences.

MIEUX III and the international community

During these past four years, MIEUX has ensured its place across key migration and development events such as the European Development Days, held annually in Brussels, and the 11th and 12th Summits of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD). In 2019, MIEUX went from participant to playing a key role in supporting regional workshops during the Ecuadorian Chairmanship of the GFMD. As tangible legacy to the history of migration and development, MIEUX supported the publication ‘ENGINE. Exchange and Action: The Global Forum on Migration and Development and the 2019 pivot to practice. Reflections, testimonials and vision’, which is available to download on the GFMD website.

From MIEUX III to MIEUX+: in a nutshell

MIEUX’s next phase (from now on, MIEUX+) will deploy a five-C approach. While capitalising on the key features, practices and outcomes of the previous and current phases, MIEUX+ will aim to consolidate innovative methods and approaches to deliver capacity building by ensuring continuity to this world-renowned EU facility while creating complementarities with various initiatives at the EU and global levels and by forging policy and institutional coherence.

Over the following days, we will publish more articles about what can be expected from MIEUX+ and its main features. Stay tuned!

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