Irregular Migration/Trafficking in Human Beings Irregular Migration/Trafficking in Human Beings
Completed Completed

Specific area: IMT - Trafficking in Human Beings

Duration: March 2010 - March 2011

Experts involved: Denmark, Portugal

Zambia has faced issues related to trafficking in human beings and child labour in the mining and agricultural sectors. To reinforce the country’s efforts to combat trafficking in human beings, the Ministry of Home Affairs, through its Home Affairs Research and Information Department (HARPID) established the Anti-Human Trafficking Secretariat, to support the implementation of the 2008 Anti-Trafficking Act.

In this sense MIEUX’s technical assistance was requested to reinforce the capacities of HARPID’s staff in a number of key THB areas.

This collaboration not only provided an opportunity for greater cooperation among national stakeholders, but also facilitated the exchange of experience and practices with various EU Member States, in part through a study visit to the Netherlands. More importantly, after having conducted a needs assessment to develop a tailored training, HARPID Officers enhanced their skills on investigation and prosecution, victim support and assistance, and referral mechanisms, as well as in the monitoring of the implementation of the Action Plan.