Mexico III: Protocol on protection and assistance to migrants in crisis situations

Key facts

Requesting authority: Secretariat of Interior (SEGOB) via National Institute of Migration (INM)
Experts involved: Spain
Time Frame: September 2019 - April 2020


The objective of this Action is to enhance the capacities of the Mexican Government to better manage migration and assist migrants in crisis situations.

Specific objectives :

  • Strengthen the efforts of the Mexican government agencies working on migration, and their partners involved in the matter, to act according to predefined procedures enabling them to provide effective and coordinated assistance to migrants in crisis;
  • Enhance inter-agency cooperation and coordination in the field of migration management in crisis situations.


Activity 1 : Consultative meetings to identify good practices, mechanisms and lines of action to be included in the Protocol

Activity 3 : Field visits to Tijuana and Tapachula and workshop for the development of the Protocol

Activity 4 : Remote support to finalize Protocol on protection and assistance to migrants in crisis situations

Activity 5 : Workshop for the finalisation of the Protocol

Results and outputs


  • The Protocol for assistance to migrants in crisis situations is developed in line with national, regional, international and human rights standards, and is presented to relevant national and international stakeholders with a mandate in managing migration in crisis situations;
  • Inter-agency coordination in selected areas of migration management, and the identification and protection of vulnerable migrant populations are strengthened;
  • The capacities and internal skills of representatives of the Mexican authorities on the delivery of migration management and migrant assistance in crisis situations are increased;


  • Protocol on protection and assistance to migrants in crisis situations