Central African Republic: Migration Policy Development

Key facts

Requesting authority: Ministry of Interior, Public Security and Territorial Administration
Experts involved: Belgium, Mali, Senegal, private sector
Time Frame: October 2016-March 2020


  1. To provide an opportunity to collectively reflect on migration management in the country and the elements needed in order to create a solid policy framework to guide migration management efforts
  2. To develop a practical roadmap for policy development and implementation, including an outline of training needs that will enable the authorities of CAR to create a future migration policy


Step 1: Preparation

Activity 1: Consultative bilateral meetings with key government stakeholders, and collective workshop to discuss the way forward

Step 2: Follow-up to the assessment mission 

Activity 2: Training on migration management and on the development of migration policies

Activity 3: Workshop on institutional structures and coordination and irregular migration

Activity 4: Thematic knowledge exchange session on border management

Activity 5: Workshop on migration management issues – integration and reintegration

Results and outputs

  • Assessment Report which includes a training needs assessment on migration management 
  • Formulating recommendations and a roadmap for practical measures and training to be implemented in relevant areas and for the development of a future migration policy