Philippines I: Trafficking in Human Beings

Key facts

Requesting authority: Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)
Experts involved: Philippines, academia (Austria, Philippines), private consultants (Germany, Portugal)
Time Frame: December 2010-May 2012


To contribute to the current efforts of the relevant Philippine institutions to counter irregular migration and negative practices related to it. 


Activity 1: Fact-finding mission  

Activity 2: Training course on the POEA campaign against trafficking in human beings and illegal recruitment 

Activity 3: Elaboration of the resource handbook “Campaigning against Illegal Recruitment and Trafficking in Persons using Social Marketing Techniques” 

Activity 4: Consultation at local-level and Strategic Planning (consultancy process) of the Anti-Illegal Recruitment Programme/Campaign 

Activity 5: Pilot-testing of the awareness-raising campaign materials 

Activity 6 Training for POEA’s collaborating prosecutors 

Activity 7: Training for the Labour Attachés of the Philippines based in the EU Member States 

Results and outputs


  • Methodologies how to organise campaigns by using social marketing techniques provided to POEA
  • POEA information campaign tools (e.g. pre-deployment and pre-employment orientation seminars) have been evaluated, and recommendations for further improvements have been formulated
  • The POEA collaborating prosecutors and the Philippines Labour Attachés based in EU Member States became acquainted with procedures and measures in certain areas of migration management and anti-trafficking policies


“Campaigning against Illegal Recruitment and Trafficking in Persons using Social Marketing Techniques” Handbook