Ghana I: Migration Strategy Development, Communication

Key facts

Requesting authority: Ghanaian Immigration Service (GIS), Ministry of Interior
Experts involved: Bulgaria, Cabo Verde, the Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, private consultant
Time Frame: November 2011-April 2013


Provide assistance in the growth of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) through capacity building, with the overall objective of strengthening its migration management capabilities.


Activity 1: Fact-finding mission

Activity 2: Seminar on the EU Global Approach to Migration and Mobility; its content and  implementation mechanisms;  possibilities for  closer cooperation between the EU and Ghana in migration matters 

Activity 3: Training on project management and cycle

Activity 4: Workshop on institution building and reform for senior management staff

Activity 5: Training on communication 

Activity 6: Workshop on migration policies 

Results and outputs

  • GIS staff and management acquired knowledge and skills to implement the GIS Strategic Plan (e.g. further develop different project proposals planned under the Plan, improve the monitoring and implementation of ongoing actions, etc.); 
  • The GIS management and local commanders were trained in institution building and reform; 
  • GIS management staff acquired knowledge to develop and implement an institutional communication strategy and received a guiding document on these aspects.