Navigating change: the first MIEUX+ annual report

For the first time, the annual report for MIEUX+ is in video format and available to view from the website and our YouTube channel. Lasting just over three minutes, the report highlights the main achievements during the first year of the fourth phase, covering the period between April 2020 and April 2021.

Alfred Woeger, Senior Project Manager, MIEUX+ stated, “With this video report, we wanted to innovate and reach all of our audiences spread across the world. The video highlights our role in building bridges between actors working on migration, an especially important role during COVID-19 times when lack of on-site activities hinders engagement. As always, we hope everyone enjoys the product and we look forward to feedback.

What did the first year bring?

During the first months of MIEUX+, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic; as the virus spread from Asia to the rest of the world, on-site activities were suspended until further notice.

The team used the time to conduct an outreach strategy, mapping and contacting actors working on several topics linked to migration, including health. Internal reflections, including partners’ feedback during the previous phase, culminated in two new internal strategies for Capacity Development, Communications and Knowledge Management.

The team also developed, with small consultations for targeted audiences, new resources for experts and practitioners, including a Digital toolkit, as well as a range of case studies about past Actions around the world.

Implementation: new topics emerge in response to COVID

In parallel, new requests trickled in from partners in Africa, Asia, the EU Neighbourhood and Latin America and the Caribbean which covered topics such as migration and health, international protection, climate change, natural disasters and border management.

  • In Central Asia, new Actions will soon be launched on the topics of integration of migrant children, managing labour migration flows and protecting the rights of migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In Eastern and Southern Africa, MIEUX+ is conducting the third Action with the COMESA Secretariat, supporting the implementation of COMESA guidelines for mobility and trade during COVID-19.
  • In Western Africa, experts are advising the Beninese government on the topic of environmentally induced migration.
  • In Central America, MIEUX+ supported a series of Comprehensive Regional Protection and Solutions Framework (MIRPS) round-tables with actors from the EU and UNHCR to help strengthen the national asylum systems of countries in the region.
  • In the EU Neighbourhood, Moldovan authorities are receiving support to improve border management and security by learning from European good practices.

Access the complete list of Actions on the MIEUX+ interactive map.

Expertise: more women are registering

The MIEUX+ Expert Roster grew by 140 experts during the first year. The gender gap is closing, with 57% of newly registered profiles expressing their gender as women. New experts cover a broad range of thematic areas relevant for MIEUX+ Actions, including children in migration; climate change and environmental degradation; migration and gender; migration and health; data management; labour migration; integration issues; and border management.

Watch the annual report