MIEUX+ Expert Talks - François Gemenne

MIEUX+ is inaugurating a new series of interviews of experts and partners. For the first interview, MIEUX+ interviewed Mr François Gemenne, Director of the Hugo Observatory, housed within the University of Liège, and specialising in the nexus between climate change and migration.

Mr Gemenne is part of the team of experts involved in the Benin II Action that supports the General Directorate for the Environment and Climate and the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Analysis with data collection and sharing about climate-induced migration.

He shared his experience with MIEUX+ and key insights about the nexus between climate change and migration, including the specifics about data in the context of climate change and migration; the role of regional governance in data management; and the key issue of adaptation as a challenge for both policymakers and migrants.

MIEUX+ and Benin

Benin’s second Action stems directly from the findings and recommendations made during the previous project involving several West African countries in discussions about climate change and migration. This time, the MIEUX experts will work closely with the partner authorities in the drafting of a background paper on mainstreaming environmentally induced migration in the country’s policies and actions plans.

MIEUX+ and expertise

MIEUX mobilises migration experts from the EU Member States and non-EU administrations. Between 2009 and 2021, almost 400 experts have taken part in MIEUX Actions and activities, sharing their expertise with peers working in partner countries and regional organisations around the world and improving migration governance and management.

The 800-strong Expert Roster reflects the diversity of topics and geographical areas that MIEUX+ can tackle and accepts new applications on a rolling basis. Join the Expert Roster to be part of a community of migration experts worldwide and follow our LinkedIn page for updates and new opportunities to become involved in Actions.

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