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21 September 2023

This piece is the translation of the article "Migraciones ambientales en el Gran Chaco Americano. Reflexiones del trabajo de campo", published on the newsletter "Movimientos migratorios sur-sur Fronteras, trayectorias y desigualdades" by The Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO).

30 May 2023

MIEUX+ is researching the link between human mobility, environment and climate change in Gran Chaco with a regional consortium of partners from Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, including Redes Chaco and the South American Network for Environmental Migrations (RESAMA).

01 July 2021

MIEUX+ is starting a new series of video interviews with experts and partners to spread knowledge about migration beyond each individual Action. Mr François Gemenne, Director of the Hugo Observatory, discussed what is special about data in the context of climate change and migration as part of his involvement with the Action Benin II.

16 June 2021

ICMPD organised the High-Level Panel ‘Human capital and mobility at the service of the green economy’ as part of the official programme of the 14th edition of the ‘European Development Days: The Green Deal for a Sustainable Future’, taking place online on 15 and 16 June 2021.

02 June 2021

ICMPD is organising the high-level panel “Human capital and mobility at the service of the green economy” as part of the official programme of the European Development Days on 15 June 2021. Read on to see how to register for the event.

28 May 2021

Global attention to climate change and environmental challenges is growing and our partners in Western and Central Africa have raised their concern about its impact on migration. The ongoing MIEUX+ Action Benin II aims to improve assistance to migrants displaced by climate change and environmental degradation.

01 October 2018

The joint EU- ICMPD Migration EU eXpertise Initiative (MIEUX) gathered 20 participants, composed of a mix of partner authorities, experts and MIEUX staff, for a two-day workshop in Cotonou, Benin about Migration and Environment. The event is the last of a series of activities executed after the request from the Ministry of Environment of Benin, the Office of Secretary of State of Guinea-Bissau and Ministry of Planning, Development and Land Use of Togo back in 2015.

18 September 2018

Read up on the latest developments and upcoming Actions around West Africa, the region of the world with the highest share of MIEUX interventions.