Port Louis: MIEUX workshop in support of new National Migration and Development Policy

MIEUX team and Mauritius officials
MIEUX team and delegates from Mauritius

As part of MIEUX’s ongoing support to the Government of Mauritius in drafting a new National Migration and Development Policy and Action Plan, a MIEUX delegation travelled to Port Louis 29 August-1 September 2017 to convene a two-day workshop with 30 participants from national ministries, representatives from international organisations, the business sector and local NGOs. A complementary series of 15 bilateral meetings with State and non-State actors ensued over the following two days.

Defining the mission as ‘inspirational”, Mr. Oleg Chirita, MIEUX Programme Manager, reflected on how a multi-stakeholder approach will benefit the new National Policy, and therefore migrants themselves:

I had the chance to interact with new actors who have a far-reaching vision for Mauritius in their area of expertise. For example, the meeting with the Ministry of Ocean Economy Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping offered us an original and innovative perspective on the interrelationship between the country’s future development and migratory flows. In addition, the meetings with non-State actors broadened our understanding of several social transformations that had been unfamiliar to us before. Together, they opened our eyes to new ideas and offered a fresh perspective. With this kind of targeted information, the Migration Steering Committee can adapt the draft document through actions oriented towards better social cohesion”.

Furthermore, this multi-stakeholder approach reflects the integral dimension of the policy that the Government of Mauritius was keen on achieving. Ongoing since January 2017, this Action is part of MIEUX’s range of activities promoting cooperation in the area of Migration and Development in the African continent and other regions.

In addition to gathering information from within the national landscape, MIEUX promotes triangular cooperation. For this particular mission, MIEUX analysed the current landscape and invited the Government of Cabo Verde, which has benefited from MIEUX expertise since 2010, to present its experience in engaging the national diaspora through targeted programmes and institutions.

Given its geographical condition as an island State, its similarities with Mauritius in terms of distance from markets, the impact of migration and its geographical vulnerabilities, Cabo Verde represented a similar model from which Mauritius could draw inspiration.

MIEUX and Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most prosperous economies and competitive countries in Africa and is globally acknowledged for its achievements founded on sound institutions and socio-economic policies, along with a track record of upholding democratic values and good governance.

Mauritius has been deemed a ‘high migration State’, largely on account of the size of its diaspora, but also due to the combination of in and out-migration. The country witnesses different types of migration, as it is both a country of destination and origin.  

In fact, Mauritius experiences emigration, including recurrent brain drain, and internal migration patterns between the islands of Rodrigues and Mauritius, while various categories of foreigners continue to come for contract-based work or benefit from other status definitions (based on permit category).  

In order to tap into migration’s opportunities and to address its challenges, the Government of Mauritius partnered with MIEUX in order to design a comprehensive National Migration and Development Policy.

The policy comes at an opportune time, enabling and committing all relevant stakeholders across the board to consolidate and sharpen joint efforts and partnerships to harness the nexus between migration and development, to reflect and debate on what type of migration management is desirable for the country, and to identify solutions and innovative approaches that will lead to it. 

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