European expertise enhancing migration partnerships

MIEUX is a migration capacity development facility enhancing the exchange of knowledge among migration public officials and practitioners from public administrations worldwide.

MIEUX’s mission is centred on building bridges between EU Member States (EU MS) and partner countries, a goal that relies on the dedication of the MIEUX Focal Points in EU MS and the deployed experts. In line with the recommendations of the Council of the European Union, the involvement of European public administration experts has been further strengthened during this current phase of MIEUX+.

Why public expertise matters?

European public sector expertise is recognised for its role in nurturing mutual trust with partner countries, advancing European values, and contributing to the establishment of strategic partnerships. To further these objectives, the Council advocates for increased coordination, synergies, and learning among Member States. It emphasises the significance of existing networks and calls for the continued promotion of best practices in mobilising European public sector expertise in a Team Europe approach.

The MIEUX Initiative has been trailblazer for the involvement of EU public sector expertise involvement in the EU's external migration dimension.
The current phase of the project stands out in this regard, as the team has successfully engaged a greater number of EU Member States, increased the count of Focal Points in EU Member States, and enhanced the gender balance among the participating experts.

A snapshot of MIEUX+ experts in numbers

Since 2009, the Expert Roster has seen the registration of over 700 public officials from 26 EU Member States, with 42% being women. Among them, half have been successfully deployed in MIEUX+ projects, showcasing a diverse representation of migration-related governmental institutions, including ministries of interior, external affairs, labour, justice, and local authorities.

Remarkably, more than 95% of these experts rate their experience with MIEUX+ as good or excellent, emphasising the positive impact on their careers. They acknowledge that their participation in MIEUX+ projects has been instrumental in enhancing their professional development

How does MIEUX+ mobilise Team Europe on migration governance?

MIEUX+ offers a mechanism for hundreds of migration experts and practitioners from public administrations in EU MS to exchange knowledge with their peers around the world. For each EU MS, MIEUX+ coordinates with EU MS Focal Points designated either at country or at institution-level. They are direct counterparts in charge of channelling opportunities for cooperation and knowledge sharing with partner countries around the world.

Through MIEUX+, EU MS benefit from two possible avenues for cooperation and partnerships. The first one is at the institutional level. For example, experts and their peers at partner institutions can exchange knowledge and foster cooperation like in the framework of the MIEUX+ Action Azerbaijan V

MIEUX+ experts from the Ministry of Culture of Estonia and Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Poland shared their practical knowledge with partners in Azerbaijan. Moreover, they helped to establish contacts with the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan, Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan, and Ministry of Social Affairs of Azerbaijan with the Ministry of Culture of Estonia and Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Poland.

The second avenue is at the individual level: via the mobilisation of public officials from migration-related institutions, providing technical assistance for partner countries in MIEUX+ Actions. In fact, MIEUX+ within EU MS institutions, as experts bring back valuable knowledge and practices from partner countries and exchanges with fellow experts from other EU MS.

For example, MIEUX+ expert, Magdalena Kozlowska, Head of Statistics Department at the Office for Foreigners of Poland emphasised that “The knowledge gained within the course of implementation of MIEUX+ Action in Kazakhstan helped me and my team to improve data collection on migrants from Central

A community without borders

MIEUX+ has intensified its engagement efforts by establishing a virtual community where experts regularly come together. The overarching objective of this community is to facilitate collaboration among experts and Focal Points in EU Member States and to display the impact and outcomes derived from MIEUX+ Actions.

The team fosters informal interactions on the LinkedIn Community, sharing updates on MIEUX+ Actions, publications, tips related to cultural agility, and various learning resources. Over the course of a year, the audience has doubled, with the total number of followers surpassing 2,000 individuals.

Twice per year,  online 'Morning Coffee' sessions are organised to gather experts and provide spaces for sharing knowledge about good practices and lessons learned. Each session includes a MIEUX+ Action Spotlight, featuring highlights and achievements of MIEUX+ Actions, along with insights into the migration context and characteristics of the featured country. Participants have the opportunity to engage with the speakers through a Q&A session.

The latest gathering, held on November 29, 2023, focused on projects in Cameroon, Georgia, and Uganda, facilitating knowledge exchange and lessons learned. The next session is scheduled for February 2024.

If you are interested in joining the online Morning Coffee, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.


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