Irregular Migration/Trafficking in Human Beings Irregular Migration/Trafficking in Human Beings
Completed Completed

Duration: June 2013 - September 2017

Experts involved: France

Burundi has been recently emerging from more than a decade of civil war and, by the time of the submission of the request, the political situation in the country was still extremely tense. As a member of EAC, ECCAS and COMESA, Burundi receives a lot of transit migration flows and is also a source and destination country for migration in the region.

In this migratory context, the Ministry of Public Security requested support from MIEUX to facilitate the implementation of the National Migration Programme, in specifics to the elements of it related to border management. Due to the political context in Burundi during this Action, the Action had to be placed on hold and then closed by the Steering Committee.

Although the Action could not be fully completed, it identified the main gaps and needs of the Burundian border management system, and partially supported the development of the National Border Management Strategy.