Tajikistan III: Labour Migration

Key facts

Requesting authority: Ministry of Labour, Migration and Employment, Tajikistan
Experts involved: Poland (public official and academia), Moldova (private)
Time Frame: August 2017-June 2019



Increase the capacities of the Government of Tajikistan to effectively manage external labour migration


  1. Support the Government of Tajikistan in diversifying its external labour migration policies, in particular by assisting their efforts in diversifying countries of destination for Tajik migrants.
  2. Support the Government of Tajikistan in concluding new labour and mobility agreements, by providing them with tools and skills for negotiation, and paying particular attention to the promotion of the rights of Tajik migrant workers.
  3. Contribute to international cooperation efforts in the area of labour migration, as well as to regional integration processes.
  4. Assist the Government of Tajikistan in producing a roadmap on external labour migration in order to guide subsequent steps towards further diversification.


Activity 1: Needs-assessment meetings with relevant actors working in the field of external labour migration, including a visit to a centre for pre-departure preparation of labour migrants

Activity 2: Workshop on governance on external labour migration

Activity 3: Workshop on negotiation of multi/bilateral labour migration agreements

Activity 4: Study visit to a EU MS

Activity 5: Workshop on the protection of migrant workers’ rights and of their families

Activity 6: Remote assistance at the different stages of designing, developing and drafting the roadmap on the management of external labour migration

Results and outputs


  • Enhanced awareness among institutions about possible models for the effective management of external labour migration and diversification strategies
  • Reinforced skills and tools among Tajik institutions for the negotiation of multilateral and bilateral labour and mobility agreements, including identification of new and suitable countries of destination
  • Enhanced awareness among Tajik institutions with regard to international, European and human rights standards for the protection of migrant workers’ rights
  • Sustainability and ownership of the MIEUX intervention in Tajikistan


  • Training of up to 64 members of the Tajik institutions on diverse aspects of the management of external labour migration
  • Production of a comprehensive roadmap on labour migration management