Mauritius II: National Migration and Development Policy



To support the efforts of Mauritian authorities to develop a national migration and development policy.


Activity 1: Fact-finding mission to collect the most updated information on the current state of play in the area of migration and mobility

Activity 2: Roundtable to present the Situation Report and launch of the National Migration and Development Policy formulation process

Activity 3: Remote support in formulating the Migration and Development Policy

Activity 4: Presentation of the first draft of the Policy and continuation of the drafting process;

Activity 5: Finalisation of the draft policy

Activity 6: Policy Validation Workshop and the formulation of the Action Plan to Implement the Policy

Activity 7: Remote support in finalising the Action Plan

Results and outputs

  • A collectively drafted and contextual migration and development policy is developed 
  • Understanding of the interrelationship between migration and development is fostered and relevant strategies to promote it are developed
  • Good practices on migration and development are shared with the Mauritians