Southeast Asia: Migration and Development, Human Rights, Irregular Migration

Key facts

Requesting authority: Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO); Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Experts involved: Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, the Philippines, academiathe Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia), private consultants (Italy, the Philippines)
Time Frame: December 2010-December 2012


To promote an inter-governmental, results-oriented regional dialogue, to support the ongoing regional cooperation framework on mobility and migration issues, and to further the protection and promotion of rights of migrants in the region. 


Activity 1: Regional Conference “Migration and Development: Taking Stock of the Situation in Southeast Asian Countries” in Manila; 

Activity 2: Regional Conference “Regional Cooperation on International Migration, Mobility and Best Practices on Migration and Development in Southeast Asia” in Jakarta; 

Activity 3: Regional Conference “Advancing Regional Cooperation and Efforts in Preventing Irregular Migration and Protecting the Rights of Migrants” in Hanoi. 

Results and outputs

  • Better understanding of the realities of migration and mobility in the region and in each participating country; 
  • EU good practices and standards on mobility transferred, in particular in relation to the achievement of economic integration in ASEAN;  
  • Focused dialogue on issues which are not part of the existing regional forums and processes’ agenda; 
  • Conference reports provide a set of thematic policy recommendations supporting government efforts to further engage in and pursue advanced cooperation in the area of migration and mobility.