Tajikistan I: Labour Migration, Migration and Development, Diaspora Affairs

Key facts

Requesting authority: Migration Service
Experts involved: Italy, Romania, Russian Federation
Time Frame: February 2013-December 2015


To improve the institutional capacities of the Tajik national authorities in better managing the mass scale Labour Migration of its citizens. 


Activity 1: Fact-finding mission

Activity 2: Session on migration data management and utilisation mechanisms

Activity 3: Consultations with Tajik diaspora organisations in the Russian Federation

Activity 4: Training of trainers for pre-departure orientation

Activity 5: Study visit to Italy

Activity 6: Round table discussions on fostering links between the Tajik authorities and diaspora to combine efforts on improving the protection of human and labour rights of Tajik migrants working abroad, especially in Russia

Activity 7: Remote support on developing a set of recommendations for enhancement of the links with Tajik diaspora abroad

Results and outputs


  • Enhaced capacities of the Migration Service on pre-departure orientation training for labour migrants
  • Recommendations on how to improve migration data collection, especially in the area of labour migration
  • Support to the Diaspora Forum in fostering development of formal, effective and sustainable institutional co-operation
  • Recommendations to the Migration Service to better shape its future policies and address its objectives under the National Strategy for Labour Migration and to streamline national policies on diaspora co-operation


  • Toolkit for best practices on pre-departure orientation of migrations for the Migration Service of Tajikistan