Togo I: Labour Migration

Key facts

Requesting authority: National Employment Agency
Experts involved: Belgium, Benin, France
Time Frame: December 2012-December 2014


Improve the management of labour migration at national level and increase the integration of Togo into the Operational African Repertoire of Jobs and Professions (ROAME). 


Activity 1: Fact-finding mission;  

Activity 2: Meeting on the ROAME; 

Activity 3: Knowledge exchange workshop on labour migration management; 

Activity 4: Remote support for the development of guidelines on labour migration management for Togo;

Activity 5: Working meeting on the drafting of guidelines on labour migration management. 

Results and outputs

  • Operational capacities of the National Employment Agency and other relevant actors to develop tools to manage labour migration in a participatory manner were improved;
  • The working group for preparation of the guidelines on labour migration management was set up;
  • The guidelines on labour migration management for Togo, a series of questionnaires on operational procedures and the Action Plan on the setting up of a labour migration management unit within the National Employment Agency drafted;
  • Priority sectors for the labour market, where the ROAME methodology should be implemented via the development of job fiches  were identified. 

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