Malawi I: Practical Handbook for Immigration Officials on Border Procedures

Key facts

Requesting authority: Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security
Experts involved: Slovenia, Hungary
Time Frame: June - November 2009


Develop of a set of common border management procedures for the Department of Immigration to help curb irregular migration and to ensure a standardised understanding of roles and responsibilities at borders amongst the Department of Immigration staff.  


Activity 1: Desk review of border management capacities and structures in Malawi

Activity 2: Assessment of border management procedures in Malawi

Activity 3: Formulation of a “Practical Handbook for Immigration Officials on Border Procedures in Malawi”

Activity 4: Development of an induction programme and materials

Activity 5: Delivery of the handbook and induction training programme 

Activity 6: A training of staff and trainers

Results and outputs

  • A quick reference handbook on for border procedures in Malawi
  • Increased standardisation and knowledge of national border procedures
  • Training of border guards at two border crossing points
  • Trainers trained in handbook delivery 
Located in: Border management

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