Horizontal Interventions Horizontal Interventions
Completed Completed

Specific area: HO - Training Capacities Development

Duration: July 2015 - April 2020

Experts involved: Spain, Mexico

The Dominican Republic’s migratory context is largely defined by immigration flows from neighbouring Haiti and its relationship with its communities abroad, primarily in the United States. As a consequence topics related to labour migration, trade and trafficking/smuggling and the need for effective management are a priority for the country.

The National Institute for Migration of the Dominican Republic (INM) requested MIEUX’s support to enhance the training and self-learning capacities of the Dominican Republic’s main migration authorities.

Through a combination of capacity building activities the INM enhanced skills in adult-learning teaching methods, teaching modules/plans for its instructors and through the development of its curriculum focusing implementation of migration policies, migration management, and migration and development. The Action also provided an opportunity to facilitate the dialogue on migration education and interagency coordination among the main Dominican Republic institutions.