27 October 2022

Factsheets and Infosheets

This Knowledge Sheet focuses on how to recognise diversity as a mean of overcoming discrimination and shares practices from Austria and Portugal. It describes how intercultural learning, interinstitutional coordination, the whole-of-government approach, and knowledge-based policies are key areas to counter discrimination. It captures the main discussions held during the workshop organised in August 2022 in the framework of the Costa Rica V Action to support the Directorate General of Migration and Foreigners (DGME) of Costa Rica with the development of the future National Integration Plan (NIP) for 2023-2027.

We invite you all to download or preview the Knowledge Sheet!

Knowledge Sheets (KS) are a MIEUX+ tool to capture in a succinct way a concrete body of knowledge shared in a Webinar, Knowledge Exchange or similar event. The KS also links the knowledge shared in these discussions with further reading materials or other resources that can be useful to provide more in-depth information on the topic at hand.


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