22 July 2022

Factsheets and Infosheets

This Knowledge Sheet (KS) focuses on the regularisation of migrant families with children and shares practices from Austria, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Poland and France. It describes practices on the topic, including the importance of multi-stakeholder coordination and more. It has been created in the framework of the knowledge-exchange sessions of the MIEUX+ Kazakhstan II Action in collaboration with the Human Rights Commissioner of Kazakhstan and the NGO Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation and Adaptation for Women and Children “Rodnik”.

We invite you all to download or preview the knowledge sheet!

The document is available in English and Russian 👇🏼.

Knowledge Sheets (KS) are a MIEUX+ tool to capture in a succinct way a concrete body of knowledge shared in a Webinar, Knowledge Exchange or similar event. The KS also links the knowledge shared in these discussions with further reading materials or other resources that can be useful to provide more in-depth information on the topic at hand.


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