01 December 2020

Case studies

Migration and Development Policy

Situated off the south-east coast of Africa, the island of Mauritius has one of the most prosperous economies of Africa. The Government of Mauritius wished to increase competitiveness through greater regional integration, create a stronger environment for innovation, make economic growth more inclusive by addressing the skills mismatch in the labour market and bolster resilience to natural disasters and climate change. Faced with growing numbers of emigration of highly-skilled workers in certain sectors, Mauritius wanted to also reverse brain drain and retain these skills in order to expand the highly-skilled labour sector.

Having recognised the importance of migration as a means of development, the Mauritian Government requested support from MIEUX to develop a national policy on M&D. Deploying European and Southern experts, this Action involved a large number of stakeholders in policy review, coherence and set-ting up of sustainable mechanisms for policy implementation.

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