01 December 2020

Case studies

Data Sharing at Regional Level

Formed in December 1994, the main objective of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) is to achieve economic prosper-ity through the regional integration of its (current) 21 MS. At the 8th Meeting of COMESA Chief Immigration Officers and 5th Meeting of COMESA Ministers Re-sponsible for Immigration in Lusaka in October 2012, it was decided that COMESA Members States should strengthen migration data collection, analysis and information shar-ing, as well as beginning the process of documenting existing migration data for use at national and regional levels for policy making and migration issues.

MIEUX, which supported the organisation of the Immigration Officers meeting, and was already collaborating with the COMESA Secretariat, was approached to provide the necessary capacity building support to implement these decisions, especially by investing in the capacity building of the National Focal Points for Migration issues.

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