The MIEUX+ Annual Report 2021 - 2022 is live

For the second time since the beginning of the current phase, MIEUX+ is launching its annual report in video format. The annual report highlights the main projects and milestones accomplished between April 2021 and May 2022.

Over this period, support to our partners was strengthened, assessing their needs and capacities, providing them with ad-hoc training sessions and workshops, as well as fostering connections between migration professionals all around the world. The MIEUX+ team implemented activities on new priorities linked to migration, ranging from climate change to health crises, while promoting the use of innovative tools in data management and information campaigns. 


We partnered with ministries of foreign affairs, universities and training centres, humanitarian non-governmental organisations and civil society networks to explore different angles and share practices from European Member States in a joint Team Europe effort. Moreover, we increased the engagement with regional partners in Latin America and Caribbean via a Community of Practice, and kept involving our strong community of migration practitioners online and onsite.
New digital learning tools and training materials were developed, as well as a discussion paper connecting ideas between migration, the EU Green Deal and Green Economy.

As Alfred Woeger, MIEUX+ Senior Project Manager, said, «The decision for the MIgration EU eXpertise Initiative to present yearly results in an audio-visual format was taken during 2020 in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The unstable environment proved ripe for innovation, prompting new decisions to be taken and new storytelling techniques to cater to the MIEUX+ global community of practitioners online».

Global outreach

As the world began partially recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, travel resumed and it was possible to meet partners in person to organise fact-finding missions, knowledge exchange sessions and workshops. Eight new Actions were launched, bringing the total to 21 ongoing projects in 36 countries.

Each geographical zone has its own interests, needs and trends.

In Asia, as per our partners’ needs, we focused our Actions on labour migration and the protection of migrant families and workers’ rights.

In Western and Central Africa, our experts started developing a training course on migration and supported the drafting of policy frameworks on protection of nationals, environmental migration and migration data management.

In Eastern and Southern Africa, we worked on recommendations on combatting human trafficking and enabling diaspora voting rights. We also developed training materials and communication tools about the movement of persons, goods and services in times of health crises.    

In the EU Neighbourhood, our experts worked on several projects focusing on a diversity of topics including, diaspora affairs and consular protection.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, we advanced on the development of a course on international protection and asylum and a protocol to protect migrants in mixed migratory flows during emergencies or crises.

Watch our video

You can watch the video on YouTube channel, with English, French and Spanish subtitles. Do not hesitate to share the video with your networks and help us build bridges on migration through capacity development.

To continue the conversation online, follow the MIEUX+ social media channels LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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