Sierra Leone: new National Migration Policy

Dr. Joseph Teye, MIEUX Expert and Senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana, giving on overview of the National Migration Policy

The Immigration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs presented the new National Migration Policy of the Republic of Sierra Leone, drafted with support from MIEUX, on 12 October 2017.

MIEUX Project Officer, Ms Caterina Torchiaro, and the EU Delegation to Sierra Leone joined the presentation in Freetown and participated in debates with relevant stakeholders about how to implement this policy from now on.

The National Migration Policy has been developed by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Sierra Leone, and other key Sierra Leonean authorities with guidance and support from a team of African and European experts selected by MIEUX.

Structured around three pillars, the National Migration Policy tackles 10 areas of intervention in topics that are relevant to the national context, such as, among others, migration and urbanisation, migration control, migration and development, protection of migrants and migration data.

In parallel to the drafting process, MIEUX provided the national authorities of Sierra Leone with capacity building assistance aimed at increasing their competencies in border management and prevention of irregular migration.  

Praising the collaboration between all parties, Ms Caterina Torchiaro stated, “Today’s launch represents the culmination of many months of dedication and effort by all who took part in formulating this policy. Thanks to the overall guidance by the Ministry of Interior, and the commitment of the team of experts and stakeholders, our cooperation now bears fruit.”

The National Migration Policy of the Republic of Sierra Leone is one of five additional support projects focused on policy development that MIEUX is currently managing alongside national authorities on the African continent.

Aside from Sierra Leone, authorities from Cabo Verde, Central African Republic, Ghana, Malawi and Mauritius have requested support in drafting new policies and strategies related to migration, proving that nimble capacity building and capacity development mechanisms such as MIEUX are well suited to meet EU partner country needs. 

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