Mauritius: MIEUX presents new Migration and Development strategy

On 22 November 2017, a MIEUX delegation will attend the presentation of the new National Migration and Development Policy, prepared with support from MIEUX, in Port Louis, Mauritius.

Why a Migration and Development policy in Mauritius?

This Migration and Development Policy is timely because it enables and commits all relevant stakeholders to consolidate and sharpen joint efforts to harness the nexus between migration and development, reflecting and debating on what type of migration management is desirable for the country, while identifying solutions and innovative approaches. 

Besides, it aims to establish a pro-active, flexible and result-oriented coordinated policy framework responding to the priorities and challenges relevant to Mauritius. The policy analyses and deals with the complexity of migration in a broad perspective with a view to ensuring better and sustainable living conditions, including through measures addressing unemployment and boosting investment, innovation and prosperity.

Finally, the policy attempts to formulate and forge a strategic vision and roadmap in relation to all facets of migration in Mauritius, both in terms of opportunities and challenges, while pushing for reforms in other public policies that impact and are impacted by migration, and bringing a wide range of actors together.

Globalisation has prompted rapid transformation of economies and society, external and internal factors, challenges and opportunities. This policy aims to tackle these factors through four pillars as described below.

Four Pillars of the Mauritius National M&D Policy

Pillar I: Policy and institutional coherence

This Policy aims at operationalising the Mauritius Vision 2030 that seeks to address unemployment, alleviate poverty, and ensure sustainable development and innovation. It also creates coherence with several policies from other areas that have an impact on and can be impacted by migration.

Pillar II: Prosperity

This policy aims at addressing various ongoing and future development challenges while tapping into different migration-driven opportunities. Its purpose is to address a range of aspects, including the benefits of immigration, diaspora mobilisation, circular migration, the impact of climate change on migration, the use of remittances, internal mobility, etc.

Pillar III: Partnership

This policy intends to set up innovative and multi-stakeholder partnerships between the government and civil society, local authorities, diaspora organisations, the private sector, regional and international organisations, business associations, academia, social partners, the media, chambers of commerce, and others. It also responds to the commitment of Mauritius to translate the Sustainable Development Agenda into action at the national level, including through diverse partnerships.

Pillar IV: Protection  

This policy reinforces and mainstreams the commitments undertaken by the Government of Mauritius, which has ratified a number of international and regional conventions committing to promote universal respect for and observance of human rights and freedoms for all. 

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