Discussing MIEUX good practices in Asia: Regional Roundtable in Bangkok

Regional Round-tables: why are they important?

New actors, new policies and new priorities have arisen since MIEUX was launched in December 2008. Migration management has evolved, becoming a top issue for bilateral and regional dialogues, and in need of cooperation models for partnerships to maximise the benefits of migration and protect the rights of migrants.

MIEUX’s 10-year anniversary provides ICMPD with the right occasion to review ongoing and past Actions with a fresh perspective, aiming to extract good practices and inspiration for the programme team, for the organisation as a whole and for any capacity building programme, in general, navigating the complex and promising scene that the current migration governance landscape brings us.

To honour MIEUX’s principle of ownership, the team could not paint a complete picture without assistance and input from those who have experienced and are carrying on the results of our Actions.

That is why a series of ‘Regional Round-tables’ in Asia, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean are planned for 2018. Government officials and experts will share their reflections and views on what MIEUX means to them; how and why they engaged with us, what type of results we achieved in their institutions and countries, and how these governments benefit from them in the present day.

The first of these Regional Round-tables was held in Bangkok on 5 and 6 March 2018 and brought together representatives from Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Timor-Leste, Thailand, the Philippines, along with two experts that participated in MIEUX missions in the past and several members of the MIEUX team.