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2008-2018: Responding to migration needs in Asia

With 60% of migrants worldwide reportedly living in Asia, it is the first region of destination for international migration. Between 2000 and 2017, Asia saw a higher increase in international migrants than any other region in the world, gaining around 30 million international migrants during this period and seeing thus a net increase of around 1.8 million migrants per year.

The search for better economic opportunities is one of the main drivers of migration in Central and Southeast Asia, while issues of vulnerability linked to emigration can lead to labour and sexual exploitation. In consequence, the management of labour migration and fighting against Trafficking in Human Beings are two key topics in the region.

These are the two topics that MIEUX has primarily worked on in the region since 2009, implementing 17 Actions to support Asian governments with the design of operational tools, implementation of information and awareness-raising campaigns and policy development.

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