2018: 10 years of MIEUX

10 years of MIEUX

Throughout 2018, MIEUX will celebrate its 10 years delivering technical assistance on migration management with a series of regional events and specialised publications.

 3 principles since 2008

In December 2008, the Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development DG DEVCO and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development signed an agreement to start a joint initiative aimed at advancing migration cooperation between EU and partner countries.

 The Migration EU Expertise Initiative-MIEUX, as we know it today, started its activities in 2009, spearheading the creation of migration partnerships by ensuring these three consistent principles.

  1. Demand-driven: partner countries are the ones to request assistance according to their priorities and capacities. 
  2. Peer-to-peer: migration experts, mainly from the EU Member States and Global South public administrations, but also from other backgrounds, are selected to share their expertise and knowledge with their counterparts in partner countries.
  3. Fast response: technical assistance Actions are ready to launch within three months

 What have we achieved? 

Over the last 10 years, this formula has yielded some impressive results:

  • Close to 130 countries and regional organisations have benefitted from MIEUX’s range of activities
  • Almost 400 migration experts have been deployed to share their expertise and collaborate with their peers in technical assistance missions.
  • In West Africa alone, 14 out of 16 States in addition to ECOWAS have requested assistance from MIEUX
  • An average of 1,500 participants take part in MIEUX events in partner countries every year
  • Authorities in partner countries consistently rate MIEUX as Excellent or Very Good (100% in 2017)

 As a pioneering global technical assistance programme, MIEUX has evolved enormously since its inception, becoming a remarkable example of EU cooperation with worldwide recognition. MIEUX’s development resonates with the opportunities and challenges that the EU and partner countries share, and corresponds to the shifts in migration governance, discourses, policies and institutions worldwide over the last 10 years.

 10 years – time to take stock

Since 2008, MIEUX has built a significant portfolio of over 100 Actions spanning four continents, relying on a flexible methodology that has been constantly piloted, adjusted and calibrated according to the priorities and needs of partners involved.

MIEUX has contributed to building bridges between the EU and partner countries by enhancing understanding of migration and narratives; brought together varied stakeholders to set national and regional migration goals; equipped partners with tailor-made practices; and in general, initiated and developed new opportunities for cooperation.

 Regional workshops

To celebrate this milestone and reflect on these achievements MIEUX will convene partner countries, experts, EU Delegations and other key stakeholders with a series of regional workshops in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and the Caribbean throughout 2018. During these meetings, partners will consolidate the good practices established as a result of MIEUX’s work at the regional level, while reflecting on its impact and lessons learned. The results of these meetings will provide the foundations for an updated and comprehensive publication collecting MIEUX’s best practices, to be published in early 2019.

Regional Factsheets

To complement these workshops, a series of informative and concise Regional Factsheets will be published throughout the year. These publications will be the main vehicle to communicate the results of MIEUX’s work during these ten years, analysing the main regional trends and presenting aggregated data; lessons learned; recommendations, and future opportunities.

The publications will be available in online format on the MIEUX website in English and French.

MIEUX and you - share your #MIEUXmoment

We would not be celebrating so many successes if it were not for the devoted community of migration experts, practitioners and public officials that have taken part in MIEUX activities over the years.  Throughout 2018, we would like to invite all those who have shared the journey with the Initiative over the last 10 years to share your #MIEUXmoment through our communication channels.

Whether you are an expert that has taken part in one of our Actions, a partner authority who has requested assistance from MIEUX, or a migration practitioner that has come in contact with MIEUX, look out for opportunities to share your story with us throughout the year!