Expertise: Pablo Rojas Coppari

Pablo Rojas Coppari

Mr. Pablo Rojas Coppari is one of two experts taking part in an ongoing Action in Niger aimed at young migrants through awareness-raising activities related to the dangers of irregular migration, legal migration channels and reintegration opportunities. He has shared his personal experiences on mobility, his thoughts on the future of triangular cooperation and MIEUX.

You have Paraguayan origins and live in Ireland. How does your own experience of migration inspire you, if at all, for your work in this Action?

Overall, I am positively conscious of my own migration background and personal trajectory in all areas of my work related to migration. I believe such reflexivity allows me to better understand how migration policies and measures impact the daily lives of migrants.

In particular, I find the current Action in Niger very important as it targets young people and empowers them to make the right choices in their migration pathways.

Having left my country of birth at the age of 17 I am quite aware of how the vulnerabilities of youth intersect with migration regimes and rules, and I really commend this Action for trying to address the needs of young people in Niger through collaboration between civil society and government bodies.

As part of this team and after this experience, how do you see the future of triangular cooperation in capacity development?

I find the collaboration with an expert from the region particularly effective and enriching. Not only I am learning a lot from his expertise, but I am also learning a lot from the collaboration and the exchange of practices.

For the participants in our activities as well I think it is important to have this dual approach to the themes that we address and to hear about issues and how they are responded to in the region. I definitely find that it is a good example of cooperation and capacity building which could be used as a best practice when developing activities in other parts of the developing world and also here in Europe.

Would you repeat the “MIEUX experience”? Why or why not?

This is my second MIEUX action and I am very happy to be part of the team. I certainly enjoy taking part of the different activities, find the planning, organisation and logistics very easy and the experiences are always enriching.

As well, the content is always practical, tailored to the need of the people we work with and its applicability is very evident. I most certainly would take part in another action and will also recommend the initiative to other practitioners and policymakers.

More about this Action

Mr Pablo Rojas Coppari is part of a team of two MIEUX experts taking part in this Action. Mr Abdoulaye Fagaye Sissoko, MIEUX's Regional Expert for this Action, also shared his views and insights with us. Read his interview in the French section of our website

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