West and Central Africa II: Labour Migration

Key facts

Requesting authority: National Employment Agency Benin
Experts involved: France
Time Frame: May-July 2012


Ensure higher sustainability for the Labour Migration management model and techniques and to guarantee the continuity of the cooperation process started during the EU funded project ‘Partenariat pour la Gestion des Migrations Professionnelles’.


Regional seminar on the implementation of the African Operational Repertoire of Jobs and Professions (ROAME).

Results and outputs

The ‘tool box’ for the ROAME was further elaborated and validated to include the questionnaire for data collection, the methodological guide, the glossary for the preparatory phase and the template fiche for the production phase;

An Action Plan, which includes a detailed list of activities and tasks as well as a calendar, was agreed upon;

Côte d’Ivoire and Togo were included in the ROAME;

New sectors were attributed to the six countries in order to carry on the process of creating new fiches

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