Ecuador III: Support to the Ecuador GFMD 2019 Chairmanship

Key facts

Requesting authority: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility of the Republic of Ecuador
Experts involved: Chile, Germany, Mexico, Spain, United States of America
Time Frame: June 2019 - ongoing


To provide EU relevant expertise and advisory support to the Government of Ecuador during the Chairmanship of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) over the course of 2019. 

Specific objectives:

  1. To contribute with four regional workshops to the thematic roundtables that are part of the official programme of the 12th GFMD Summit.
  2. To enhance the understanding on the central results, the advances in the discourse on migration and development and the thematic as well as institutional priorities of the past presidencies of the GFMD, according to a gender-responsive rights-based approach.


Activity 1: Thematic regional workshop on providing regular pathways from crisis to safety in Quito, Ecuador

Activity 2: Thematic regional workshop on facilitating social and economic inclusion San Jose, Costa Rica

Activity 3: Thematic regional workshop on harnessing migration for rural development in Kingston, Jamaica

Activity 4: Thematic regional workshop on supporting arrival cities through policy coherence in Bogota, Colombia

Activity 5: Development of a testimonial book

Results and outputs


  • EU relevant expertise and advisory support has been provided to the Government of Ecuador in relation to the GFMD 2019 Chairmanship and process.
  • The regional thematic workshops contributed to the respective roundtables of the 12th GFMD Summit, also by providing input to the respective background papers.
  • The regional workshops piloted a future-oriented regional model of the GFMD that could be used by future chairs in their respective regions.


  • Four summary reports, one per event, are made available to the drafting working groups of the GFMD RTs so they may include the recommendations in the background papers.
  • 1000 copies of the testimonial book are produced and distributed among interested actors at the 12th GFMD Summit and made available online for interested audiences.

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