Ghana IV - Finalisation of Diaspora Engagement Policy

Key facts

Requesting authority: Diaspora Affairs (Office of the President)
Experts involved: Italy and Denmark
Time Frame: May - July 2019


The overall objective of this Action is to support the authorities of Ghana to finalise their diaspora engagement policy. 

Specific objectives

  1. Provide the necessary expertise and equip the most relevant stakeholders with approaches and methods in finalising the diaspora engagement policy
  2. Enhance the capacities of the authorities of Ghana to reach out to their diasporas in Europe to gather their feedback on the diaspora engagement policy


Activity 1: Support to the organisation of the diaspora online survey

Activity 2: Diaspora consultations in the UK to present the draft National Diaspora Policy

Activity 3: Diaspora consultations in Germany to present the draft National Diaspora Policy

Activity 4: National restitution workshop for the finalisation of the National Diaspora Policy

Results and outputs


  1. Further opportunities to enhance the participation of the diaspora in the finalisation of the National Diaspora Policy, through the development of an online survey and the organisation of consultations to gather feedback from selected members of the community
  2. Strengthening of the National Diaspora Policy by including direct feedback from the diaspora 
  3. Enhancing capacities of the partner authorities in dealing with its diaspora abroad through a specific and policy-focused framework 


  1. Around 50 members of the diaspora are involved in the reviewing of the National Diaspora Policy, either by participating in the consultations or by participating in the online survey
  2. A comprehensive, targeted and inclusive National Diaspora Policy is finalised, including key input and feedback from consultations with diaspora held online, in the UK and Germany 

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