Costa Rica II: National Integration Plan 2018-2022

Key facts

Requesting authority: General Directorate of Migration and Aliens (DGME)
Experts involved: Spain
Time Frame: January - December 2017


Overall objective

Strengthen the migration management capacities of the Costa Rican Government in the area of integration of immigrants, in line with the National Integral Policy on Migration.

Specific objectives

  • To design a dedicated integration plan, a roadmap for its implementation, as well as the necessary monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.
  • To support an inclusive and participatory process of drafting the NIP by involving multi-ple actors including NGOs.
  • To raise awareness among the national stakeholders involved in the integration of immi-grants through knowledge transfer of theoretical and practical skills from EU MS practi-tioners on integration issues.


Activity 1:Bilateral Meetings, Knowledge Exchange Session on the EU Framework o Integration and Coordination session on developing the NIP 

Activity 2: Coordination meeting, Workshop on link between the National Migration Policy and the NIP and Workshops on Xenophobia, Racism, and vulnerable migrants

Activity 3: Coordination Meeting, Workshops on the draft report on migration in Costa Rica, on labour market integration and migration and health

Activity 4: Study visit to Spain (Madrid and Barcelona)

Activity 5: Coordination Meeting and Workshops on Integration & Education and on M&E Indicators

Activity 6: Remote Support for the drafting of the National Integration Plan (2018-2022)

Activity 7: Presentation of the Second National Integration Plan (2018-2022)

Results and outputs


  • The capacities of Costa Rican authorities in migration management are improved by en-riching the understanding, capacities and skills of institutions directly involved in the in-tegration of the migrant population.
  • The new NIP, the respective roadmap for implementation, and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are designed.
  • The drafting process of the NIP is an inclusive and participatory process by involving multiple actors, including NGOs.
  • Through the thematic knowledge exchange sessions, the Costa Rican officials widen their capacities and skills in all pertinent aspects related to the integration of migrants.


  • National Integration Plan (2018-2022)
  • Report onthe Migratory Context of Costa Rica (2017)
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