Costa Rica II: National Integration Plan 2018 - 2022

Key facts

Requesting authority: General Directorate of Migration and Aliens
Experts involved: Spain
Time Frame: January - December 2017


To strengthen the migration management capacities of the Costa Rican Government in the area of integration of migrants through the development of the National Integration Plan 2018-2022.


  • Activity 1: Bilateral meetings with relevant authorities, a knowledge exchange session on the EU framework for the integration of third-country nationals, and the first coordination session on developing the National Integration Plan
  • Activity 2: Presentation of the fact-finding mission report, a knowledge exchange session on pre-departure integration measures in the country of origin, and the second coordination session
  • Activity 3: Knowledge exchange session on early orientation and advanced integration measures in the country of destination and, the third coordination session;
  • Activity 4: Study visit to an EU MS for selected actors within the main institutions dealing with the integration of immigrants
  • Activity 5: Presentation of the study visit report and a workshop on monitoring and evaluation
  • Activity 6:  (Remote) assistance in the finalisation of the National Integration Plan, its roadmap for implementation, and the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms
  • Activity 7: National conference – presentation of the National Integration Plan and its roadmap for implementation 

Results and outputs

  • The understanding, capacities and skills of institutions directly involved in the integration of the migrant population are enhanced
  • The National Integration Plan 2018-2022, the respective roadmap for implementation, and monitoring and evaluation mechanisms have been developed

Located in: Integration issues