Sierra Leone II: National Migration Policy

Key facts

Requesting authority: Immigration Service
Experts involved: Belgium, Czech Republic, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, academia (Ghana), private consultant (United Kingdom)
Time Frame: March 2013-November 2017


To provide assistance to the Sierra Leonean Immigration Department through capacity building with the overall objective of strengthening its migration management capabilities. 


Activity 1: Workshop on border management and document security for newly recruited border guards

Activity 2: Training on Leadership and Management for senior management

Activity 3: Information session on how to do develop a comprehensive and future-oriented migration policy

Activity 4: Remote support for the drafting of the policy

Activity 5: Stakeholder workshop to inform about the policy and collect input for its improvement;

Activity 6: Information session on building policy coherence in the area of migration and an interactive drafting session of the National Migration Policy

Activity 7: Remote support to update and finalise the National Migration Policy

Activity 8: National conference to present the National Migration Policy

Results and outputs

  • The Government develops a National Migration Policy through inter-agency mechanisms
  • The Sierra Leonean border guards are more knowledgeable and empowered with regard to various facets of border management
  • Senior management of the Immigration Service is more knowledgeable with regard to management and leadership