Migration and Development Migration and Development
Completed Completed

Duration: March 2019 - April 2020

Experts involved: Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico and the United States

In 2019, Ecuador assumed the Chairmanship of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD). Its Chairmanship focused on the central theme of “Sustainable approaches to human mobility” and on salient issues deriving largely from the challenges and priorities of the Latin America and Carribean region, such as the Venezuelan migratory crisis.

In this context the Government of Ecuador, through the Ministry of Foreing Affairs, requested MIEUX’s assistance to provide EU relevant expertise and advisory support during the Chairmanship over the course of 2019.

Four regional workshops linked to thematic roundtables of the official programme of the 12th GFMD Summit were organised between July and October 2019 in different cities. Government representatives were able to exchange on providing regular pathways from crisis to safety’ (Quito), facilitating social and economic inclusion (San Jose),  harnessing migration for rural development (Kingston), and supporting arrival cities through policy coherence (Lima). Additionally, MIEUX supported the production of Engine - Exchange and Action which reflects on the central results, the advances in the discourse on migration and development and the thematic as well as institutional priorities of the past presidencies of the GFMD.