Moldova, involving Eastern Partnership Countries: Legal Migration and Mobility I

Key facts

Requesting authority: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration
Experts involved: Experts from EU Member States and Eastern Partnership countries
Time Frame: June 2010-January 2011


To introduce the Justice and Home Affairs’ (JHA) vision and priorities under the external dimension of the Stockholm Programme to the EU Eastern Partnership Countries. 


Two-day regional conference entitled “The Eastern Partners’ contribution to the Stockholm Programme: Synergies to improve mobility and strengthen security” (day one: expert meeting; day two: high-levelmeeting). 

Results and outputs

  • Key recommendations developed to reflect the commitment and engagement of the partners involved into a more dynamic and structured dialogue and cooperation in the field of JHA;
  • Existing bilateral and multilateral structures for political dialogue and cooperation assessed in order to improve and continue the reform processes pursued by Eastern Partners; 
  • Joint opportunities and venues explored for further cooperation which could be covered by the Stockholm Programme’s Action Plan.

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